(Raise Your Voice)


Talk Different (Raise Your Voice)

The Talk Different (Raise Your Voice) single is an empowering rhythmic hip hop anthem with soulful, harmonious pop undertones, born out of an international collaboration between world leading music producers and artists from across the globe, to highlight the importance of equal rights for Indigenous people worldwide, with a specific focus on Indigenous Australians.

Irish producer and composer Dublin-based Rori Coleman (U2 and Stevie Wonder producer) and New York-based Irish producer and composer Ronan Coleman (EDGAR LOOP) have teamed up with well-known UK-based rapper MJR (Major), Melbourne-based Indigenous rapper Miss Hood, world-famous Australian Indigenous artist/musician Stan Yarramanua and Victoria’s peak body for Indigenous music, Songlines Aboriginal Music Corporation, as part of a global effort to shine a light on the importance of using your voice for social good.

The Talk Different (Raise Your Voice) single release comes at a pivotal time in Australian history, the year of the 14 October 2023 Australian Referendum (proposed law to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples in Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament).

The Talk Different (Raise Your Voice) collaboration seeks to spread the message around the world - everyone deserves an equal voice, so raise yours, use yours for social good.

Talk Different (Raise Your Voice) has been released by indie label Dark Star Music International LLC.

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Talk Different (Raise Your Voice) cover art

Song Credits

  • Song title: Talk Different (Raise Your Voice)
  • Performing artists: EDGAR LOOP, MJR (Major), Miss Hood (Meriki Hood), Stan Yarramanua
  • Composers: MJR (Major), Rori Coleman, Ronan Coleman, Davlo (Kishan ‘Kish’ Davda)
  • Lyricists: MJR (Major), Miss Hood (Meriki Hood), Ronan Coleman, Rori Coleman, Davlo (Kishan ‘Kish’ Davda)
  • Producer: Ronan Coleman, Rori Coleman, Davlo (Kishan ‘Kish’ Davda)
  • Engineer: Ronan Coleman, Rori Coleman, Davlo (Kishan ‘Kish’ Davda)
  • Release: Dark Star Music International LLC



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MJF (Major)

MJR (Major)

(Major) is a rapper & MC from South West London. He has flows unmatched and heavy hitting punchlines, collaborating with producers & artists across the UK and Ireland. A giant amongst underground rappers, MJR elevates all that work with him to produce nothing but pure art. He collaborates with producers and artists across the UK, US and Ireland including Kishan Davda (aka Davlo) and Ronan and Rori Coleman (aka EDGAR LOOP).

Follow the journey on all socials @mjrxmusic

Miss Hood

Miss Hood

Miss Hood (Meriki Hood) is a strong Aboriginal Kurnai and Gunditjmara woman from the eastern and western districts of Victoria. She is a Melbourne-based rapper, who’s been in the hip hop and urban rap scene for more than 13 years. The twice nominated best Indigenous female artist (Bump Awards), has opened for multiple well-known artists across the country, including Briggs and Jessica Mauboy. She is a powerful role model and is deeply dedicated to spreading positive messages of hope and healing through music within Indigenous communities, having hosted many healing and music workshops with First Nations peoples across the world, including Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

Davlo (Kishan ‘Kish’ Davda)

Davlo (Kishan ‘Kish’ Davda)

(Kishan ‘Kish’ Davda) is an Asian Indian UK based music producer & songwriter with 10+ years of experience. His work has been aired on popular radio stations across the UK and Ireland including BBC Radio 1, BBC 1Xtra and RTE 2FM while amassing over 1 million streams/plays online. Kish collaborates with Rori Coleman under the ‘Performing For Presidents’ moniker.

Stan ‘Yarra’ Yarramunua

Stan ‘Yarra’ Yarramunua

Stan ‘Yarra’ Yarramunua is an award-winning, internationally renowned Aboriginal artist, musician, businessman and charity worker. Yarramunua’s Indigenous art, didgeridoo playing and storytelling captivate many people both within Australia and around the world, and has resulted in him playing with Stevie Wonder on his Australia Tour in Sydney (2008); Van Halen; Porno for Pyro’s; WOMAD concert other and Gala/Award Openings. A charismatic Yorta Yorta man who grew up in Melbourne, Yarra opened (and still runs) one of the first privately owned Aboriginal art galleries in Australia (ArtYarramunua Art Gallery representing Indigenous artists from around the country, including from the desert regions.

Rori Coleman

Rori Coleman

Rori Coleman is an Irish composer, arranger, producer and songwriter. He writes music for Film, Television, Theatre, Animation and Advertising. A graduate of the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin. Amongst others he has produced music for Bono & Stevie Wonder and arranged music for Spider-Man The Musical on Broadway. Recent work includes, scoring animation feature film ‘Conni - Secret of Mau the Cat’ (No.1 at the German Box Office July 2020), co-writing with Kevin Godley (10CC, Godley & Creme) for his ‘Muscle Memory’ Album. He contributed programmed brass to ‘Red Hill Mining Town’ from ‘Songs of Surrender’ the U2 album (2023). He is also co-writing and producing with ‘EDGAR LOOP’ and ‘Performing For Presidents’, two songwriting and production teams.

Ronan Coleman

Ronan Coleman

Ronan Coleman is an Irish composer, producer and songwriter based in New York. He has scored numerous films and television shows and many successful commercial national USA campaigns. Under the ‘EDGAR LOOP’ moniker, he collaborates with his brother Rori Coleman.

Utility Creative logo

Utility Creative

Utility Creative (UC) is a creative communications and technology agency focused on improving public health. Reducing health inequities has been a key driver of our work for many years, which has included collaborating with Murdoch University and the Ngangk Yira Institute for Change to support the development and co-design of the Baby Coming You Ready? digital perinatal mental health screening tool to support the social and emotional wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander new and expectant parents. David Stanley, who initiated the Talk Different (Raise Your Voice) project and contributed to the Condoman Indigenous sexual health campaign, is a public health communications practitioner and is the Founder and Director of The Convenience Group, which comprises Convenience Advertising, Utility Creative and Diginostic.

Songlines Aboriginal Music logo

Songlines Aboriginal Music

Songlines Aboriginal Music is the Victorian peak body for First Nations music in Victoria. Songlines aim is to provide a platform to advocate as a collective voice for greater recognition of contemporary Aboriginal Music as an important cultural art form. Operating in the thriving Melbourne music scene for over two decades, Songlines has achieved great success gaining a wider acceptance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Music.

Dark Star Music International logo

Dark Star Music International

Dark Star Music International is an independent music label based in New York, USA.


Talk Different (Raise Your Voice)
Artists: EDGAR LOOP, MJR, Davlo, Miss Hood feat. Stan Yarramunua
Lyrics © 2023 Dark Star Music International

Everybody raise your voice
The time has come to make a choice
Dreaming of a better day
Where the same sun lights our way
For this sacred land we pray

You know I shoot for the stars while I be singing this tune
I feel the moment is comin’ when we all gotta move
They don’t believe in my greatness well they’ll believe in me soon
I wasn’t born to win my bruddah I was built to improve

Because I talk different, yeah,
Because I walk different, yeah
Just cos we ain’t the same
Don’t mean that we can’t change
And leave a legacy to you for future better days
Let’s go

I’m a rare breed, I’m the only one of me
I’m a rare breed, I’m the only one of me
I’m a rare breed, I’m the only one of me

Turn up, turn up, turn up, I’m gonna turn up
They think I’m a hybrid, some what mutations, huh
Time is on the clock and I got patience why you waitin’
I’m the greatest, I’m the kid your mother told you not to play with
Got the soul, got the soul, like I came with both my trainers
It’s the, DNA or genetics the way I rock with the motion
You would have thought it’s kinetics I only came for my credit
Foot down I’m doin’ ME that’s me
Told my nanny watch the box ‘cause I’ll be, going’ flat screen
You couldn’t bully who, bully me
I might be bulletproof or bullet free

Let’s give a voice to the voiceless, don’t let denial destroy us
I’m paying homage to giants, and while we stand on the shoulders
And all the elders before us from warriors to the soldiers were
Paving the way for a better day, for all us sons and our daughters
Because I talk different, yeah

Because I walk different, yeah
Just cos we ain’t the same

Don’t mean that we can’t change
Leave a legacy to you for future better days Let’s go!